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Green PR Firm Client on Television

Why GreenMark? Because we get great results consistently.

From the environment, resiliency and climate

change to green building, eco-tourism and outdoor living, sustainable business is GreenMark's specialty and caring for the Earth is our passion.  


With more than 30 years in sustainability and media communications, we know both well. That means little time spent on getting up to speed and more time is spent on getting results.

Man in blue shirt sitting at a microphone at WGN Radio.
Sheridan Road Magazine article about Bertog Landscape Co.
Man with microphone wearing a hat at a pond location.
Gnome on desk and monitor sustainable brand marketing

Every story starts with a message.

Through GreenMark Media's proprietary Grow Your Message Workshop™, our public relations firm helps sustainable brands articulate their values and purpose in the marketplace. Everyone involved in the company's brand management has a meaningful stake in its messaging and marketplace reputation.

Group of people seated around table green pr firm message development workshop
Group of people sitting around a table with presenter green pr firm message development workshop

From the professional who answers the phone to the executive in the c-suite, GreenMark's Grow Your Message Workshop™ ensures accurate and consistent messaging about who you are as a sustainable business and what your ecofriendly values stand for in the marketplace.

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